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Admission Process


Step 1 : Fill and submit the Registration Form (Click here). 

Step 2: Our team will contact you and inform the date of the online admission test.

Step 3: Our team will notify the interview date with students and parents after the evaluation of the entry test. Admission Board and Principal will then conduct an interview with students and parents, respectively.

Step 4: Upon successful selection, you will be required to fill the admission form.

Step 5: Upon confirmation, you will be required to make payment to the bank specified by the school.

Admission Policies

Any current and up going student for class I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII & VIII can apply for admission at Barizvision Online School.  We are open to national and international students, cultivating a diversified population that conveys a range of backgrounds, cultures, interests, and strengths to Barizvion. 

Admission Decisions

Each admission is individually determined on merit based upon accomplishment of entry test, past school performance, teacher recommendations, parents, and student interviews. All admissions are finalized by the Admission Board and reserve the right to refuse any student if all criteria of Barizvision are not met. 

The Admission Board’s verdict in this regard shall be considered final.  Barizvision does not distinguish on the basis of international, national or ethnic origin, religious belief, race, color, gender, and social status in the administration of its admissions, financial aid programs, and educational policies.


Criteria for Admissions

•             Previous evaluation record/result or marks transcript (if any).

•             Successfully qualify for entry test.

•             Student evaluation interview by Admission Board

•             Placement of a student in a specific class finalized by the Admission Board

•              Parent(s) interview with the Principal